Trade Finance

At Tradewind, we take our investment in social, environmental, and economically responsible efforts seriously.

Dedicated to Sustainability

Our business can ensure an equitable workplace for our employees and aspire to promote a more sustainable world now and for the future. We extend this priority to those we choose to partner with, including clients and other affiliates.

We reject all business relationships with companies involved in the following activities:

Labor safety

Forced labor, child labor or modern slavery

Military goods

Production of or trade in weapons or munitions

Pornography and prostitution

Any kind of pornographic or prostitutional industry

Our values
go beyond our own walls.

To help uphold our ESG standards, we use a list of exclusion criteria to assess new business applications. These guidelines support a selection process that bans activities that are harmful to society or the environment.

Export Trade Finance with Corporate Responsibility

Investing in a Greener World

As part of Sesam Immigration’s “Green Start” Initiative, we’ve pledged to plant 5 seeds for each onboarded client globally this year. Every tree planted will go towards the UN’s One Trillion Tree agenda as well as the UAE’s own sustainability objectives.